Top Security Guards Services Malaysia

Top Security Guards Services Malaysia

At Orange Defence & Security, we pride ourselves in being able to provide top-tier security services that are manned and professional. Our company is based in Malaysia but we deliver our services to all areas that may require them. One of the things that set us apart from other companies is our ability to change and adapt our services to better suit your business’ needs – all while maintaining the same level of quality and professionalism that you would expect from us.

Professional Security Guards Services in Malaysia:


Looking for Static Security Guard Hire? Our guards patrol your buildings, homes & commercial sites.


A security response team to patrol sites and watch over CCTV footage and keep an eye out.


The larger the crowd, the more likely it’s that something can go wrong.


With our experiences, we’ll tailor a solution to suit your private security needs.


A reliable security company to safeguard your sites & assets from liability risk & harm.


Protect your organizations, technologies, employees and customer data from internal and external threats.

Top Security Guards Services Malaysia

Top Security Guards Services Malaysia

We aim to please by finding the best possible security suppliers from our database of providers to meet your specific requirements.

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